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Gypsy Sheltie



Patented Emprise Forevermore "Everett"

Emmett3.JPG (435207 bytes)

Lynmarr Send In The Clowns "EMMETT"

EK File.JPG (151534 bytes)

Kelvington's Evening Edition "Sonya"

Mickey3.JPG (419510 bytes)

Merlyn's Just Ask'n "Mickey" 

Kellie1.JPG (432685 bytes)

Kimmany Kalypso "Kellie"

Whisper2.JPG (426131 bytes)

Merry Lea's Lynmarr Windsong "Whisper"


Truffles6a.JPG (146040 bytes)

MerryLea's Truely Scrumptious "Truffles"

Mickey5a.JPG (58842 bytes)



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Last Updated 1/6/2002


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