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U-CD Sturtz's Red Bud Delight Am/Can CD, CGC



Buddy celebrates Veterans Day by receiving 2nd Place in Veterans (with my Dad, Bill Westerman - A Veteran) under judge Richard Mullen at the Columbus All Breed Training Club show (11/12/2000).


Buddy99ASSANat.JPG (208357 bytes) Buddy receiving 4th place in Veteran Obedience, with a score of 197.5, at the 1999 ASSA National

Buddy is one of those dogs that will always be a joy.  He has always been an eager worker, whether it's in obedience, agility, herding, or just around the house.  He's pretty much retired now, one of his favorite hobbies going for rides in "GrandPa"'s truck, but occasionally comes out for a quick turn around the obedience ring.  You'll know him by his happy barking. BuddyDriver.JPG (31080 bytes)



Buddy enjoying the snow, during one of our 1999-2000 Winter snow storms in Columbus.



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