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U-CD Sturtz's Digging For Red-Gold Am/Can CD, CGC


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Shelly received a 2nd place and her 1st Standard Novice leg at her 1st agility trial.  At the age of 9!!


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Shelly was my first sheltie, and she's still going strong!   She is affectionately nicknamed "Queen Shellae".

She hated obedience, but managed to get many high scoring sheltie awards.  When showing in obedience, she either got high 190's or decided she was going to trash me. 

Agility is a DIFFERENT story!  She has always turned household items into agility equipment, including window sills and brick walls.

Look for this little dynamo in the agility ring!


Shelly really enjoys her classes at Dogwood!!  She starts barking the moment we pull onto the street!   

What a dynamo at almost 10 years!


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