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                                                                                                            CH DUNDEE AMOS MOSES ROM ROMC

                                                                                                CH DUNDEE HULLSTON JAMBALAYA ROM

                                                                                                            AM/CAN CH HULLSTON'S ALL THE RAGE

                                                                                    Belmars Northern Exposure

                                                                                                            CH SHAMONT KING OF THE NIGHT

                                                                                                Belmars Almost Heaven

                                                                                                            Lakewood's N'Belmar Navarre

                                                CH MERLYN'S FIRE AND ICE

                                                                                                            CH TRELANE BOLD IMAGE

                                                                                                AM/CAN CH TREVANNE'S MASTER'S TOUCH

                                                                                                            CH TREVANNE'S NINA RICCI

                                                                                    Merlyn's Hot Stuff

                                                                                                            CH CIMMARON'S LUCK OF THE DRAW

                                                                                                CH ILEMIST ARPEGE

                                                                                                            Someday Ilemist Icon O'Class

Merlyn's Mark of Fire

                        “Ben”                                                               CH FOURWIND'S LIGHT THE WAY ROM

                                                                                                CH SEACLIFF SPECIAL EFFECTS ROM ROMC

                                                                                                            Seacliff Limited Edition

                                                                                    CH OURCROFT BESTSELLER

                                                                                                            CH OURCROFT JUST BEYOND

                                                                                                CH OURCROFT BEDTIME STORY

                                                                                                            Jade Mist Beconsaw Carousel

                                                Merlyn's Tiramisu

                                                                                                            CH KYLENE CINDAHOPE TOWN CRYER ROM

                                                                                                CH LYNMARR'S TRADE WIND

                                                                                                            Lynmarr's Burning Embers

                                                                                    Merlyn's Breez'n Along

                                                                                                            AM/CAN CH TREVANNE'S MASTER'S TOUCH

                                                                                                Merlyn's Hot Stuff

                                                                                                      CH ILEMIST ARPEGE